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About our company

Meet Our Executive Team

We are a team of professional, energetic team players, who hold ourselves to the same high standards we believe the event industry needs and deserves.

Chrystal Huskey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As lead juggler and cat herder, Chrystal’s responsible for strategic decisions and keeping everyone focused on our long and short term vision. Chrystal’s commitment to help others without jeopardizing integrity and quality has provided her operational blueprint for almost two decades. With a background in law enforcement, event management, business ownership and entrepreneurialism, Chrystal has a vast understanding of the regulatory environment, excels at business innovation and isn’t afraid of a challenge!

Charity Huff

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Charity is our accelerator.  She’s built a reputation and career on helping take great ideas to market in the fastest time known to man. As an accredited investor and connector in the startup industry, Charity manages our investor relationships. Her 20+ years of experience in tech include the full arch of entrepreneurship from start-up to scaling businesses. Charity’s last company, Tru Measure, was acquired by McClatchy in 2013. As an active volunteer, Charity is also the person to call if you need a hook up for some Girl Scout Cookies.

Maggie Glass

Founder & Ambassador

Maggie's focus is on client acquisition and growing our community. Maggie is a natural engager with an extensive background in the event industry. She brings over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and management to the table. She’s been known to negotiate a contract or two and has managed all kinds of events from weddings and corporate to public and cultural, including educational, historical, visual and performing arts. A theater kid at heart, Maggie loves to perform and is known to throw down a pop 'n lock move when the music hits her.

Mary Gaul

Founder & Chief Culture Officer

Keeping what’s happening behind the curtain running smoothly is part of Mary's job at Event Integrity. Her experience with all aspects of business operations comes from her multiple corporate positions as well as her own coaching/consulting business working with entrepreneurs and small business. While Mary is from Kansas and has seen several tornados from a safe distance, she has yet to see any flying monkeys!

Christine Zweifel

Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Christine plays a key role in the architecture, development, and integration of Event Integrity websites and services. Her mad programming skills and keen ability to listen to the voice of the customer has brought the idea of Event Integrity to reality.

Janet Schoen

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Janet works with Christine to architect, develop and manage the Event Integrity web application. She leverages her 30 years of experience in the tech industry to ensure the site is secure, fast and meeting the team's needs. She is excited to be working with the latest features of Amazon Web Services.

Danielle Threlkeld

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Danielle sets the standard at Event Integrity. She on-boards, trains and ensures our team consistently and reliably do an incredible job to bring trust and authority to our certification. With extensive experience in expanding the brand and training nationally for large wellness chains, Danielle is a calm presence while tracking down all those pesky but important details. Danielle is the light in the eyes of two small children and a tough mudder to boot!