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Our application process is easy! Simply visit eventintegrity.com and click on the apply button or login tab to create an account. It’s a good idea to check out the items required to apply so you can have them ready and make your process quick!

Each certification lasts for one year from the date it’s issued. While the certificate is valid, it will show up on our website for customers to see. When a certificate is no longer valid it will not be displayed any longer. So you can let your clients know they can verify your certification at any time!

It means that individuals and businesses that apply and become certified with Event Integrity are able to share their new credential with the world. It may be added to the certified member’s marketing outlets for the duration of their certification. Some examples may include: website, business cards, social media accounts, client proposals, brochures, store fronts, company vehicles, email signature, and more!

It’s our goal to have all applications processed within 14 business days.

This document is a commonly requested form in the events industry. It’s provided and updated for free by the IRS. You can easily obtain one online by Google searching for “Form W-9” and they even give you instructions for completing it.

Pay attention to the items required for your specific category. If you don’t have the items required to become certified in one category, consider what categories, if any, you could apply for. If you don’t find a category that fits for you, consider applying for the “Unique Others” category. If you want to apply for a category you don’t have the required items for, we suggest creating a plan to get you where you need to be in order to apply.
This will vary by category and business. We can accept many different sources for this area and will evaluate them when others are hard to find. Bottom line, we have to be able to verify it. Whether you supply a copy of a bill/account opened for your business or have a certified letter (yes, notary/certified required) from someone you worked with or for in the industry that’s willing to vouch for your experience, there’s a ton of different options for this one. If you're not sure please reach out to us and ask!.
Email us at hello@eventintegrity.com with the questions you have and think we need to consider adding to our FAQ and hey, thanks for taking the time to let us know.