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Black Belt Leadership Speaking & Coaching

Four decades of martial arts mastery, personal empowerment and inner-champion building

Website: https://www.ChrisNatzke.com

Destination Breakthrough, LLC

With 19+ years of business experience as a speaker/coach on EQ & Leadership Styles, Kathy Schissler brings the gift of GRIT & KNOW HOW to her clients, resulting in lasting life-changing results. Her delivery is fresh, and her bold approach is “stop you in your tracks deep”. When companies need an outside voice to deliver truth in a powerful, compassionate and engaging manner they hire her time and again to serve from the stage, the breakout room, the boardroom and discretely behind closed doors.

Website: https://www.destinationbreakthrough.com

Jonathan Manske Coaching

I focus on mindset and beliefs rather than strategies and tactics. The best strategies and tactics in the world won’t work if they are not supported by the right mindset and beliefs. I have the unique ability of being able to easily see what people belief about themselves and about their businesses. Once we see these limitations, then we can upgrade them which sets people free to do better.

Website: http://jonathanmanske.com

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