Build Back Better

Photo by  Lulu Fall  on  Scopio

The Biden Harris campaign is using the slogan "Build Back Better". It occurs to us that this is exactly what Event Integrity is about right now. There are many who want things to go back to the way they were. Some of us know we can do better.

The events industry has been devastated. So have several others.

What if we rallied behind the idea that we must pause physical events in order to keep each other safe? Most of us can't afford to do so and support from our government would be required in order for us to make this sacrifice. In some countries this feels impossible. Defeating this pandemic feels impossible with our current leadership. However, this strategy has worked before and it is our best option now.

From social events to conferences, groups are gathering, some illegally and some pushing the boundaries of what is being allowed. As long as there is a deadly virus that spreads when we gather together, we must recognize the part we play in defeating this virus. Gathering now may feel like the way to get back to work but it simply delays the amount of time until we can thrive again.

Our government officials may feel like they've already done their part to help our industry. Bailouts going to the largest suppliers in our industry didn't seem to make a dent. In many cases, their shareholders received that money. The wealthy have done well during this crisis.

The frontline staff of these businesses still don't make a living wage and are not recognized as essential workers. They are forced to put their lives at risk and not just at properties serving healthcare workers, but at properties where guests are now on vacation. Our industry continues to turn a blind eye to the glaring wealth disparity between the hotel housekeeper and the convention delegate they are serving.

Is this the best we can do?

We are problem solvers. We're used to planning for the best outcomes and fixing whatever gets in the way. So, why aren't we planning for the best outcome for our industry? Supporting and protecting essential workers while we are battling this pandemic is the best we can do. Putting each other at risk while we are battling a pandemic is not the best we can do. If we want our industry to get the recognition and respect we deserve, we must show we can make the tough choices to build back better.