feeling seasick?

Who wants to hear, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"?

No one.

Who is the captain of this ship?

No one.

What is your role as a sailor?

When I polled the members of my facebook group awhile back, I asked what industry event organizers are in. Most of them responded with "Events Industry", some selected "Hospitality/Tourism". Note that I offered "the industry your organization serves" but very few selected it.

As the storm was approaching, we weren't consulted. Because we identify most solidly with the "Events Industry", our organizations don't trust us to take a more strategic approach when disruption is afoot. We haven't been convinced to serve the participants of our events (the industry our organization serves). We have been told by the "Events Industry" that the event is the destination, not a ship that will get us to our destination.

There were heartbreaking requests for leadership as the storm started beating down on us. The usual suspects were identified. Failure to lead was criticized. The sadness and anger about the storm cracked the foundation of relationships. As the boat rocked back and forth, a few individuals offered solutions and shared resources. Event organizers are problem solvers, after all. We aren't going to sit around forever waiting for answers.

Or, are we?

Are we below deck in our beds, being "resilient" and "optimistic" or are we at our posts learning how to navigate this storm so that the next one isn't as scary? Are we focusing on the immediate impacts we think we can control, using the tactics that worked in calm water? Or are we studying the waves and calibrating what we know against how the storm has changed the water?

Event Integrity is creating an intentional events industry. One where each individual understands our role in the sea, not just on the ship.

Take your dramamine, friends.

- Elizabeth